Deltag på SuperOffice CRM-Tour: CHANGE 2024 på Islands Brygge i København! 
📅 Dato: 12. september 

Deltag på SuperOffice CRM-Tour: CHANGE 2024 på Islands Brygge i København! 
📅 Dato: 12. september

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Optagelse af webinar

Vi har inviteret i-Centrum til at inspirere om deres løsning Contract Manager.

i-Centrum udvikler apps til både SuperOffice Appstore og tilpassede apps. Dette webinar handler om en ny app, som i-Centrum lige har frigivet. Den er udviklet specielt til at give dig kontrol over dine kontrakter i SuperOffice CRM.

i-Centrums præsentation foregår på engelsk.

The latest creation out of the i-Centrum kitchen is Contract Manager – a simple tool to give you control over your contracts and create automatic follow-ups when the contract is set to expire or renew.

Contract Manager allows you to create a “container” for all information regarding a contract – among other things value, invoice period, terms of notice, contract start and end and which SuperOffice sales and documents are associated with the Contract. Based on this information the system will then automatically generate follow ups based on when you want them. 

A key function of the tool is also to track your prospects who have signed a competitor agreement – by using Contract Manger and inputting this data into SuperOffice you can generate automated reminders to make sure you reach out to the prospect when their current agreement is set to expire. 

The filter function gives an overview for all contracts created and allows you to easily find contracts based on a certain parameter or expiry date. This gives you fantastic control over your business and the contracts that are set to renew or expire and that you need to take action on. 

In the latest release, 1.2, we also allow for the creation of User Defined Fields – offering up more opportunities for customization and data input that is relevant for your organization.

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Pernille Møller Lund, SuperOffice - Se præsentation
Viktor Olmin, i-Centrum - Se præsentation

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