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InspirationsWebinar – Effective Document Management in SuperOffice

Learn new ways to work with activities and documents, including versioning control and PDF creation with one mouse click. Bonus info: Verifiy addresses quickly in SuperOffice






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Are you a heavy SuperOffice user, creating a lot of activities, archiving a lot of mails and creating proposals? 

  • Create a filtered document tab showing your proposals, contracts or whatever document type you want
  • Create new versions of existing documents or create a PDF document with one mouse click
  • Get a clear overview of all contacts you have mailed

You get this: 

  • A path finder inside SuperOffice like you know it from Windows
  • An easy overview and structure of your activities and documents
  • NEW feature: Create pdf’s, copy and make new versions of documents directly in SuperOffice. No need to do this in Word anymore….. 

InfoBridge presents two different solutions of effective document management. 

Why not? Get data from the same database used by Google Maps. Google Places features more than 150 million business addresses that are updated frequently through owner-verified listings and user-moderated contributions. Learn how to integrate this into SuperOffice right away

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Torsdag, d. 21. januar kl. 13.00 - 14.00


Online via WebEx
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